Bus Hire Johannesburg

Are you planning a business trip, road trip or any other form of long-distance traveling? What are you going to use? We Offer Bus Hire Services in Johannesburg

Our Bus Services

• Organized groups from 10 to 10 000 passengers

• Corporate travel (Daily hire, Functions, Year-end functions, Meetings, Training, Team building, Site inspections, funeral transport etc)

• Private hire (Daily hire, Church Conferences, Shuttles, Funerals, Events, weddings etc)

• Leisure hire (Daily hire, Chauffeur driven holidays, Get-away's, organized group bookings

• Transport for schools (Daily hire, Sport events / Camps / Tours)

• We are a Park & Ride bus / coach provider

Some people will say that they will go by personal vehicles, others by bus, and others will go by vans for hire. All the mentioned means are perfect, but this article will discuss the benefits of using a bus for your trip. Read on.

  1. Economical -Traveling by bus is cheap compared to personal cars. Think of it this way; you will be required to use let us say five private cars each with four passengers to reach your destination. All the four vehicles will be fueled separately, and you will need to take it to the mechanic. You will end up spending three times more. But if you are using a 20 seater bus, you will travel together, fueling one vehicle. This way, you will end up saving a lot.
  2. Fun -It is more fun traveling by bus. You will have time to catch up and tell stories on the bus as you travel. You will be listening to the same music, and those who love dancing will do it. Traveling together, you will capture moments together. And hey, this is the reason behind road trips. It will not be fun when each group is traveling on their own and making their memories. While all of you are in the same car, you will take care of each other, and no one will worry that so and so is not picking up.
  3. Variety of Options - Bus hire companies have buses in various designs and with different services. You are at liberty to choose the plan you want. The companies can customize the interior of the bus to what you want. If you wish to get a Wi-Fi connection or a bus with curtains on the windows or if you want a music system and so forth. Such features and flexibility make the trip more fun and enjoyable.
  4. Comfortable - Compared to personal cars and vans, buses are more comfortable. You have the freedom to stand up and stretch without hitting your head. Long-distance travel buses have inclined seats such that you can slide and sleep if you want to rest. If you are looking for comfort and a good time during your trip, travel buses are the best thing that can ever happen to you.

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