Luxury Busses

Welcome to Triple T Bus Hire is a reputable passenger bus hire solutions provider. We are a Transport Co-ordinating Company, with a range of semi luxury and super luxury buses.

There are many benefits to having a luxury bus other than comfort. These benefits are: 

The mini-buses carry among 14 passengers and 18 passengers. “But the posh buses will carry among 50 individuals and fifty one individuals and those assume it'll take the time to get that variety of human beings on board. “So, they do not hassle approximately their convenience, protection and cargo. You will find  that most luxury busses contain up to 56 seats. While there are luxury busses to choose from there are still other busses available for our clientele. There are 3 that we particularly look at.

Three types of bus are used.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate contact us regarding you questions.